Tips On Finding an Internship

Every college student knows that an internship can be beneficial, no matter what your career path is. However, it is very easy to slip up on finding an internship, especially if you are unsure about your major or future career. For most students, it can be difficult to balance school and work life. Be honest with yourself and what you can handle. If the school year is too busy for you, there are always summer internships. We are here to provide you with some helpful hints and tips to kickstart your internship hunt. 

It’s Who You Know:                            

As college students, we are constantly observing and taking in information. Professors are not just there to teach you textbook information. They can provide real-life experiences that can aid in your internship search, or help you realize what you may be looking for in an internship. Always keep your eyes and ears open to absorb information. Meeting new people and networking is the best way to get ahead in your job market. AMA UT offers a wide range of opportunities to do this

Update That Resume:                          

Your resume should always be kept fresh and up to date. No matter what jobs or activities you take on, they can be important for a future employer to review. On campus we have many services that can help you keep your resume job interview ready. The Office of Career services can help you with all of your career needs, including doing mock interviews and getting a headshot done. Make sure to use all of UT’s on-campus services to your advantage. 

Be Active on Campus:   

Here at AMA UT, we are always welcoming new members to our team. No matter what you are interested in, there is an extracurricular at UT for you. If clubs aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to get involved on campus, such as intramural sports teams and on-campus jobs. Many networking events are also held here on campus, which is a great way to get to know people on campus, as well as employers off campus. AMA offers many events, often featuring marketers and business professionals in the Tampa Bay area. This is a great way to stay connected to our local community, as well as learn about the business environment around our campus!

Be Open-Minded:                                  

Tampa Bay alone offers hundreds of internships. You might not find the exact one that you are looking for but look into others. An internship is a helpful way to “trial-run” your career with a slightly lower amount of commitment. If you’re dead set on one internship definitely try your best to get it, but job offerings can be competitive. Being open-minded and opening yourself up to different possibilities can mean more opportunities and less disappointment. 

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