Leadership Team

MEET THE TEAM: Spring 2023

Senior Management:

Haleigh Hafner

As the President of AMA UT, I strive to promote our organization’s mission and vision to the best of my ability for my Board of Directors, Leadership Team, and general members. I use our mission and vision to guide our organization in the direction that best fits the needs of our members. I strongly believe that every student at the University of Tampa would benefit from membership in AMA. You will develop professional skills never discussed in the classroom. It is my duty as president to ensure you have access to these opportunities.

Executive Vice President:
Eva Romkey

As Executive Vice President, I am responsible for organizing events and recruiting speakers to ensure members are learning as much as they can. I work to increase engagement as well as make AMA an experience that members can use in the future, such as networking!

Membership Team:

Vice President of Membership: Corinne LoVecchio

As the VP of Membership, I help take attendance and organize our membership list. I will also assist in the registration of new members to ensure they are signed up correctly and can explore all the opportunities AMA provides.

Director of Research:
Carolina Dias

As the Director of Research, I oversee our organization’s research development department while managing and directing upcoming or current projects.

Director of Membership: Allisha Husein

As the Director of Membership work closely with the VP of Membership to ensure all tasks on our team is completed correctly. My main project this year is the Skills Data Base to aid students in gaining leadership roles, internships, and jobs outside of UT.

SME of Membership:
Jack Meyers

As the Subject Matter Expert of Membership, I assist the Director and other members of the Membership team by curating ideas to increase our attendance and services based on feedback from our members.  

Programming Team:

Vice President of Programming: Yadira Navarro

As the Vice President of Programming, my position includes recruiting passionate guest speakers to share real-world business applications to our members, which will complement formal in-class learning. I am tasked with finding guests who will present highly relevant topics in order to keep our members interested and engaged. My job entails planning, coordinating, and facilitating our bi-weekly meetings, networking events, workshops, presentations, and panel discussions from beginning to end.

Communication Promotions Team:

Vice President of Promotion: Jason Hines

As Vice President of Promotions, I am responsible for managing all of our promotional tools; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Hubspot, etc.. as well as organizing collaborations with The Institute for Sales Excellence and the Sykes College of Business. I act as a mentor for my team and collaborate with others to offer the best experience possible for AMA participants.

Director of HubSpot: Tricia Jean-Louis

As Director of HubSpot, I work with the rest of the Communications team to implement all aspects of AMA’s digital marketing into one easy-to-use customer relationship management software (CRM). My role consists of regularly updating AMA’s contact database, organizing those contacts into segments for email marketing, linking all of AMA’s social media platforms to HubSpot for easier management, and improving the website’s layout and SEO through the use of HubSpot’s content management system (CMS).

Director of Website: Morgan Murray

As Director of Website, I am responsible for managing and upkeeping all content pages. It is important that I maintain an accurate content calendar for students and members to access. Additionally, I mentor the SME of Website by teaching best website practices.

Director of Social Media:
Callie Kesilewski

As Director of Social Media, I am responsible for generating engaging content across all social platforms. I also develop social media campaigns and track analytics to further develop our content strategies. Additionally, I serve as a mentor to the SME of Social Media.

SME of Social Media: 

Katarina Drace

As SME of Social Media, I am responsible for creating content for our LinkedIn and assisting the Director of Social Media with social media upkeep. I also track engagement for our social post to collaborate on developing our social media strategy.

SME of Social Media:

Nicole Massey

As SME of Social Media, I assist with writing captions for AMA UT’s Instagram and Facebook platforms and follows leads for new content. They also help generate content ideas and execute them accordingly by creating analytics worksheets to present to the team. Another aspect of this position is helping their Director with social media-related tasks.

Director of COB Comms:
Arjun Dutta

As Director of COB Comms, I am responsible for managing all promotions related to the Sykes College of Business and acting as a liaison for AMA. I write and schedule the content to be posted at the most optimal times for social media.

Director of Internal Comms:
Jenna Vaske

As Director of Internal Comms, I curate all emails for marketing campaigns and meets email content calendar deadlines and requirements. I ensure the emails are delivered to the correct recipients and analyze emails to determine best practices. It is necessary to understand email formation in HubSpot for this position.

Communications Creative Team:

Vice President Digital Assets: Kenneth Ramsey

As the Co-Vice President of Communications, I work alongside our creative talent to translate AMA’s mission and product into clear innovative strategies. This includes working with our Graphic Design team to coordinate designs for our social channels and physical marketing strategies, developing video content to advertise events and membership with our Videography team, and building a library with our Photography team to showcase our organization.

Director of Videography: Alyssa Gilday-Fenger

Video is a powerful tool and the future of marketing and my goal is to enhance the presence of video at AMA UT. I work with the Digital Teams to create engaging content for platforms shared among students, faculty, and AMA members. It is my responsibility to plan, film, and edit video content. I maintain effective lines of communication with the VP of Digital Assets and coach the SME of Videography in order to strengthen and grow the presence of video in our organization.

SME of Videography:
Kiran Shelar

As a Subject Matter Expert of Videography, I am tasked with assisting the Director of Videography and other SMEs of Videography in capturing and editing content. This content is widely used for our AMA social media platforms and events.

SME of Videography:
Moza Aldawas

As a Subject Matter Expert of Videography, I assist the Director of Videography and other SMEs of Videography in capturing and editing content. This content is widely used for our AMA social media platforms and events.

Director of Photography: Connor Seawright

As the Director of Photography, I am responsible for capturing the energy and professionalism of AMA UT. By developing an understanding of the creative needs of our organization, the Photography team has grown into a valuable resource for our chapter. The synergy that has developed between Photography and Videography this semester has enabled our team to showcase the value it provides for our members at a higher quality than ever before.

SME of Photography & Sales Institute Liaison:
Sophia Schillinger

As the Subject Matter Expert of Photography and Sales Institute Liaison, I work to maintain our partnership with the Sales Institute at the University of Tampa and actively attend events for photography opportunities.

Director of Graphic Design: Haleigh Schmidt

As the Director of Graphic Design, I lead a team of creatives to strengthen the way we communicate the mission and vision of AMA. Our chapter has recently expanded our approach to marketing, moving into print and video, while simultaneously providing our creative resources to multiple business organizations across The University of Tampa. Through maintaining communication across all creative teams, our designers have consistently delivered professional level designs.

SME of Graphic Design:
Faith Folsoldt

As the Subject Matter Expert of Graphic Design, I work diligently alongside the Director of Graphic Design and the VP of Digital Assets to create stunning digital assets to communicate AMA’s mission and vision.

Finance Team:

Vice President of Finance:
Brayden Grizzaffe

As the VP of Finance, I am tasked with keeping records of and handling all of the cash flows within the organization. I also help the organization to make smart financial decisions through the financial statements and communication of data.

Director of Finance:
Molly Halinski

As the Director of Finance, I handle the registration emails of all incoming AMA members. I also work alongside the VP to ensure all membership fees are properly recorded.

SME of Finance:
Sam Horvath

As the Subject Matter Expert of Finance, I focus on the re-registration of current AMA members through emails. I work with the Director and the VP to help maintain financials and membership records.

Partnerships Team:

Vice President of Partnerships:
Beckett Thompson

Going into my senior year as a marketing major, I joined AMA to grow my network, gain real-world experience, and develop professional skills to take with me in the rest of my career. I look forward to bringing success to AMA UT by leading the partnerships team into new relationships with other on-campus organizations, AMA Tampa Bay, and AMA National.

Director of External Relations:
Pietro Vacanti

As Subject Matter Expert of Partnerships, I focus on planning and coordinating events with the participation of our AMA members and a variety of people/organizations from all over the Tampa Bay community. Keen teamwork and communication go hand and hand within my position, and I strive to get better every day. My goal is to connect our members to as many Tampa Bay communities and marketing opportunities as possible.

Co-Director of Internal Relations:
Margot Lambert

As Director of Partnerships, I work with the Partnerships Department to connect with the Tampa Bay Community, and other Ama chapters My role is to work with my team to keep the chapter updated with Ama National events coming up.


Faculty Advisor:
Professor Gary Beemer

Professor Beemer instructs the Introduction to Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Strategy class at the University of Tampa. Mr. Beemer was a business owner and proceeded to work in Sales and Marketing Management for Mars Inc. for nearly 25 years. He has been teaching at UT for six years.

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